Why I Went Vegan

Why I Went Vegan

I recently decided to go vegan and wanted to talk about why I did and how I’ve been feeling since I did. The recent changes to the Canada’s Food Guide really got me thinking about how we really don’t need animal products of any kind in order to be healthy and get the proper nutrients. I also watched “What the Health” on Netflix (super late to the party I know) which ultimately prompted my decision. Though hard at times, I had been on and off pescatarian for nearly two years so switching to vegan wasn’t as hard as I had expected.

Why I Decided to Go Vegan

I feel as though I’m a non-traditional vegan in the sense that while I love animals; I ultimately opted to choose this lifestyle based on my health and digestion. Watching “What the Health” really disgusted me by the way the animals are treated but also about how pollution, hormones, etc. can be in the food we’re eating. I was eating pescatarian at the time and immediately lost my interest for fish and eggs right then and there. I tried a couple days later to eat a couple eggs for breakfast to clear them out of the fridge and just couldn’t enjoy them. Not to mention, I also was disgusted by the lies told by the health food industry. It was really eye opening and I would recommend watching it to anyone who hasn’t seen it!

Allergies, Intolerances, and Digestion Issues

I have been struggling with allergies, food intolerances, and digestion issues for the last 6 years or so. It has been such an uphill battle with no real answers. I have discovered I have seasonal allergies, food pollen syndrome, and have a soy intolerance. Since then I make sure to cook my veggies and avoid soy at all costs. While this has helped me, I would still find my symptoms of indigestion coming back at the most random times. One day I could eat something and the next day it would bother me. I was getting no real answers and was beyond frustrated. Watching the documentary and seeing so many people feeling better and even coming off medication really inspired me to give the whole vegan thing a try; and I’m so glad I did!

How I’m Feeling Now

I noticed within just two days of going plant based that I no longer got bloated and was no longer experiencing digestion issues of any kind! Last week I slipped up and ordered a portobello mushroom burger at a restaurant and asked for no cheese. The burger came and nearly half way through I noticed there was mayo on it; which wasn’t listed on the menu. I immediately had those indigestion symptoms flare up and my stomach got so bloated right away! It was an awful experience and I felt crappy for a good two days after.

But, lesson learned. I’m going to have to ask more questions when I go out to eat; no matter how annoying I feel doing so. Aside from that incident, I honestly haven’t felt this good in a long time and will do anything I can to keep it going! I never in a million years thought I would go vegan but it has been the best choice for me.

Why I’m Sharing My Story

The point of this post was by no means to try and get you to consider going vegan. I live with my boyfriend who is very much a meat eater and always will be as is my entire family. It’s not something I judge and I expect they won’t judge me for being vegan. I wanted to share my story in case you have been having unexplained digestion issues as this lifestyle might be able to help! I had tried giving up meat, dairy, gluten, and soy in an effort to find out what was causing me problems and this has been the only thing to really work.


You’ll be seeing a lot more vegan recipes on my blog now; but since I do still cook meat for my boyfriend’s meals I will still have tips for making my recipes non-vegan as well!

Have you guys seen “What the Health”? What did you think of it?