What I Have Been Up to the Last Few Weeks

What I Have Been Up to the Last Few Weeks

Instead of doing a traditional weekly recap, I decided to share some highlights from the last few weeks instead. I have been so busy with freelance projects that my blogging schedule got pushed aside and I missed some weekly recaps. A lot of time lately has been spent writing articles for the companies I work for but I have had some pretty fun moments thrown in too!

Valentine’s Day

I guess we can go all the way back to Valentine’s Day as that is when I took a blogging break. Valentine’s Day was really great this year. Cole spoiled me with flowers, chocolates, and a cute stuffed animal. We opted to stay in and order pizza while we watched Valentine’s Day! It was such a perfect evening.

I Went Vegan

I did a whole blog post on why I decided to go vegan which you can read about here. But, the last month I’ve been trying out tons of new recipes and have been feeling really good!

Mumford and Sons Concert

I got my sister Sam tickets to see Mumford and Sons in Ottawa, which was an absolute blast! We decided to go up early to do some shopping and grab dinner before the concert, which was a lot of fun. The concert itself was incredible and we both had so much fun. I was exhausted when we got back but it was well worth it!

I Worked, A Lot…

This past month has been the busiest work month for me ever I think. I’m so grateful though and just put the finishing touches on my latest big project yesterday! I almost don’t know what to do with myself now. It’s nice to have a moment to catch my breath though and focus on my blog a little more.


What have you been up to lately?