Vegan Snack Board

Vegan Snack Board

I love a good snack board! When I lived at home my mom would make the best snack boards but it’s something I haven’t done since being out on my own. She would put out different meats, cheeses, and crackers paired with apples, grapes, pickles, etc. They were always really well done and it would bring my family together. We used to sit on the deck in the backyard in the summer and enjoy good food and better company.

This is one of my favourite memories of living at home and with the warmer weather coming I was eager to recreate my mom’s snack board in a vegan way. I opted to include hummus, cucumber slices, apples, grapes, vegan cheese, crackers, and cashews which, in my opinion, was the perfect combination. The snack board was filling and had a good mix of savoury and sweet options.

The best part about a snack board is you can play around with what you put on it! You could switch the cashews for peanuts, add in more veggies, etc. to make it tailored to your tastes. The important thing is to play around with different flavours!

Snack boards are great whether you’re entertaining a big group, hosting a girls’ night, or are looking for a different movie snack for you and your significant other. Their variety ensures there is something for everyone!┬áSnack boards are an amazing way to bring people together and they require very little effort to set up! I think this vegan option is going to be a staple around here this spring and summer.


What do you put on your snack boards?