The Importance of Taking Breaks

The Importance of Taking Breaks

This blog post is a long time coming. Over the past month I have been slammed with freelance articles, which has been a good thing. But, it’s also makes writing blog posts seem like a lot more work than usual. Rather than pump out content I didn’t care about I opted to take some time away from my blog to focus on my other writing projects. Writing all day is exhausting so it’s the last thing I want to do at night too. I think the break was good for me and got me thinking about how important taking breaks can be!

Taking a break can be such a positive thing. When I started working on these writing projects I was also trying to keep up with my blog. It wasn’t long before I was feeling burnt out and was even contemplating giving up blogging all together. I can be guilty of thinking taking a break means I might as well quit; which isn’t the mentality to have by any means. I decided to take some time away from my blog to recharge my batteries and focus on other priorities with no real pressure of coming back. Within a couple weeks I really missed blogging and decided I didn’t want to give it up completely.

By stepping away from my blog for a bit I was able to refresh my outlook and come up with some new content ideas I hope you guys will like. I’m going to go back to blogging Monday through Friday with a nice mix of beauty and lifestyle content. While I’m never really done my freelance projects, I have gotten a couple big projects out of the way and feel like I can balance my freelance writing with my blog in a way that works for me.

Sometimes we can put so much pressure on ourselves and it just isn’t healthy. I can be particularly bad for this, so taking a break was the perfect reminder that they are absolutely necessary sometimes and there is no shame in that. It feels good to be back!


Are you good about taking breaks when you need them?