Snowstorms + A Whiter Smile

Snowstorms + A Whiter Smile

I usually write these recap posts on Thursday evenings but completely forgot about doing it until I was ready for bed – the worst! I wanted to get it up though, so here we are! This week had its fair shares of ups and downs. I am totally wiped and thankful it’s just about time for the weekend. I am definitely in need of some relaxing time! Here is what I have been up to:

Last Friday

Last Friday I caught up on work. It was freezing outside and we were expected to get a snowstorm over the weekend; so staying cozy inside seemed like a good option! After picking Cole up from placement we went out to my parents’ house for a little visit. We picked up a pizza on the way home and watched the Leafs game.


Saturday was a snowstorm and we spent the entire day inside. We mostly just played video games, I talked on the phone with Sam, and just relaxed.


The Sunday weather was much better. It was freezing cold but the sun was out, which put me in a good mood. We still had a mostly lazy day though we ventured out to get buns from the grocery store to go with the vegetarian chili I was making for supper.


Monday morning was spent getting groceries and running errands before Cole had class. While he was gone I got some work done and did some at home yoga. I also started using some new teeth whitening products from Lumineux Oral Essentials. I have strong, straight teeth (thanks braces!) but was looking to get them looking a bit whiter for the new year. I’m using the Whitening Kit* which includes their whitening strips, the whitening toothpaste, and the whitening mouthwash for maximum results. I love how gentle the formulas are and I have already started seeing results in less than a week. Plus, there are no harsh chemicals so my teeth don’t get sensitive. When Cole got back home we had fajitas for dinner and just hung out for the night.


Tuesday morning I got a ton of blog photos done since the sun was out! I then met my mom for lunch, which was so nice. We both got fish and chips and then walked to a nearby cafe for a latte before parting ways to get back to work. That evening Sam came over for dinner and I was able to have a nice visit with her too!


Wednesday was a work-filled day for me. I got some good news on a couple freelance projects I’m working on, which was great! In the afternoon I did some baking before picking up Cole and then we ordered Chinese food for dinner. He watched the Leafs game while I did some work before bed.


Yesterday was a packed day! I got some work done, chatted with both my mom and Sam on the phone, had an not-so-promising interview, visited Cole’s mom, came home and had dinner, went for a drive with Cole, and am now writing this post before bed. I guess really it doesn’t sound like that much but I seriously don’t know where the day went!


How was your week? What did you get up to?

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