Self-Love Challenge

Self-Love Challenge

Since February is the month of love I thought it would be fun to do a self-love challenge. I don’t know about you guys but the winter blues are hitting me hard this year and so my goal with this challenge is to set aside a few minutes each day for ourselves. You can opt to do the challenge in order or mix things up. The idea is just to carve out a little time each day to show yourself some love. These aren’t meant to be time consuming or expensive things either!

Here is an overview of the challenge:

Day One: Do a Face Mask

Doing a face mask is one of my favourite self-care rituals. They always relax me and help out my skin which is a huge bonus! You can use your favourite face mask and if you don’t have any on hand you can either treat yourself to one (my current favourite) or make one at home!

Day Two: Go For a Walk

If the weather is relatively nice out you may want to get outside but if it’s miserable out you can hop on a treadmill as well. Walking always helps me clear my mind and gives me a boost of energy. Depending on your schedule you could do a quick 20 minute walk or even go for a hike!

Day Three: Sleep In

Sunday is the day of rest, so let yourself sleep in a little. Waking up on your own feels like a nice little indulgence and will set the tone for your entire day!

Day Four: Paint Your Nails

Getting a manicure can be nice, but painting your nails at home can be just as great. I actually prefer to do my own nails as I find the process to be relaxing. Choose your favourite shade and pop in your favourite movie to watch while you wait for them to dry!

Day Five: Do Yoga

Even though I’m not particularly flexible and have a long way to go in my yoga journey, I always feel so relaxed after doing yoga. It feels so good to stretch my body; especially after a long day spent on the computer. You can go to a class if you prefer, but I find I can relax better at home. I’ll light some candles and do an at home yoga video on YouTube. Yoga with Adrienne is my personal favourite!

Day Six: Take a Bath

Along with face masks, bubble baths are my next favourite thing to do when I’m feeling in need of some self care. They are so relaxing and the best way to unwind in my opinion. You can add bath salts, bubble bath, candles, or bath oil to make your bath extra special. Then either unwind with your thoughts or bring in a good book!

Day Seven: Diffuse Essential Oils

I think essential oils are great! I did a post on them and my favourite oils a couple weeks ago now and think everyone should invest in a diffuser. Whether you want to feel calm, less stressed, energized, or refreshed, there are tons of different oils you can diffuse in your home to help you get there!

Day Eight: Do a Hair Mask

I am terrible when it comes to keeping up with hair masks! My hair gets so dry in the winter too, so I really need to be better about using them. Once again you can use a hair mask you already own, treat yourself to a new one, or make one at home!

Day Nine: Tidy Your Home

This is going to come down to what your home needs, but giving it a tidy will help you feel less stressed. You could do usual chores like cleaning the bathroom and sweeping the floors, or you could choose to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need. Either way, you’ll feel better and more calm knowing your home is in order.

Day Ten: Go Out for Brunch

Meet up with your friends and enjoy brunch together! And, if you’re not feeling like going out you could always host at your place and invite your friends there. Seeing your friends and catching up over good food will instantly brighten your day and end your weekend off on a high note!

Day Eleven: Light a Candle

I love candlelight. I think it’s so cozy, especially in the winter time. Light your favourite candle while you’re watching TV or reading a book in the evening. The warm light and nice scent will make you feel cozier instantly!

Day Twelve: Go to Bed Early

As a society, most of us do not get enough sleep. Try going to bed an hour earlier tonight and treat yourself to a little extra shut-eye. If you aren’t tired try reading in bed for that hour instead to unwind!

Day Thirteen: Drink Water

I don’t know about you guys but I often don’t consume enough water in the day. Take today to really focus on your water intake and ensure you’re drinking at least 8 glasses before you go to bed.

Day Fourteen: Do a Digital Detox

In the age of social media a lot of us spend a large portion of the day checking our feeds. This can be a good thing, but a lot of us end up comparing ourselves to someone online and can then end up feeling insecure or bad about ourselves. This can even be subconscious, which is why it’s important to take a break sometimes. For today, log out of your social media accounts and resist checking them for the entire day. You could choose to go longer if you want, but try even just for today as a start and see how you feel.

Day Fifteen: Host a Movie Night

Leaving the house is not overly appealing this time of year so why not host a movie night at your place? You can invite your friends or family to make it more exciting than just an average night in! You can serve snacks and have everyone vote on which movie to watch.

Day Sixteen: Take a Nap

Naps are a great way to recharge your batteries. Try taking a little afternoon nap today to rest from the week before- you’ll feel incredible and ready to take on your evening plans!

Day Seventeen: Read a Book

Spend a little time today getting caught up in a good book. I personally don’t take a ton of time out to read because there always seems to be something else going on. It is important though and Sunday afternoon or evening is the perfect time to do some reading. If books aren’t your thing you can read a blog, newspaper, or magazine if you want!

Day Eighteen: Get Outside

This one will be weather dependant, but if you can get outside, do it! Whether you want to walk around your neighbourhood, go skating, or make a snowman, getting outside will feel amazing and refreshing!

Day Nineteen: Call a Loved One

Calling my mom always makes me feel 100% better. She’s so great to talk to and I always hang up feeling in a better mood. Take a little time this evening to call your mom, a friend, your grandma, your boyfriend, whoever to catch up with them! Not only will you brighten your day, but you’ll brighten theirs too.

Day Twenty: Smile

Make an effort to smile today. Whether it’s at someone you pass by on the street or if you’re just taking a selfie, smiling is proven to improve your mood!

Day Twenty-One: Take the Stairs

Try taking the stairs in your travels today. It will get your heart rate up and give you a few extra steps on your Fitbit!

Day Twenty-Two: Make a Cup of Tea

Unwind from your day with a cup of herbal tea. The warm mug will instantly relax you and there are tons of health benefits that come with drinking tea as well!

Day Twenty-Three: Stretch

Stretching feels amazing and I know I personally don’t do it enough. It’s great before/after a workout, but it also feels nice before bed after a long day or first thing in the morning. Try taking five minutes out of your day today to stretch your body out!

Day Twenty-Four: Go For a Drive

This one is weather-permitting as well. But, if the roads are decent out, go for a little drive. It’s a bit easier to appreciate the beauty of winter when you have a seat warmer on! Plus I find driving always clears my mind and leaves me feeling relaxed. You could go by yourself or bring a friend along!

Day Twenty-Five: Floss

This is something I want to make more of a priority in 2019. I’m terrible when it comes to remember to floss as I’m sure a lot of you are too. Take some time this evening to floss your teeth and give them a little extra care!

Day Twenty-Six: Visit a Friend

Catching up with friends is important so take a little time today to visit one of yours. You could plan to have dinner together, visit over a cup of tea, or go out and do something but getting out of the house and being social is going to feel really good!

Day Twenty-Seven: Try a New Recipe

Whether you have been dying to try a new recipe or have to look one up on Pinterest, try mixing things up with a new dish! Not only is it fun to step out of your routine a little bit, but you could end up with a new favourite meal!

Day Twenty-Eight: Make a Plan

For the last day of the self-love challenge, make a plan to keep this up. While you don’t have to do something everyday, try to carve out a little time each week to check in with yourself and show yourself some love. You could schedule it in your planner so you don’t forget or keep a list of things you want to try doing each week!


If you decide to do the self-love challenge I would love to hear from you! Be sure to tag me (@athomewithelisabeth) in any photos or posts you make!