Freshii-Inspired Pangoa Bowl

I love Freshii. I discovered it a little over a year ago now and was immediately obsessed. They have fresh, healthy options that taste amazing! I have a soy intolerance, so finding quick meals on the go can be a challenge for me; but I actually have lots of options…

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A Guide to Essential Oils

I love essential oils. Last winter I bought a gorgeous diffuser from Saje along with a few essential oils and immediately became obsessed! I love the smell of them in my apartment and find them particularly wonderful for helping me stay focused on my work, energized, and falling asleep at…

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Little Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy

I love cozy spaces. When I lived at home my bedroom was full of cozy textures and warm string lights. When I moved in with Cole there was of course some compromising on the decor of our apartment but I’ve got it feeling pretty cozy in here these days, which…

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Celebrations + Getting Back on Track

I used to do weekly recaps on my old blog and eventually stopped doing them as time went on. It’s something I want to bring back though and hope you guys will enjoy them! I think they’re a great way to keep track of my life and a nice way…

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My Skincare Staples for Banishing Breakouts

Breakouts are never fun to deal with. I don’t know about you guys but my skin has been acting up thanks to all the extra sweets I ate over the holidays. I always feel more self-conscious when I have acne and want to clear my skin up as quickly as…

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