Keeping A Clean Home

Keeping A Clean Home

Cleaning my apartment is not usually something I’m ever looking forward to, but there is no better feeling than relaxing at home once it has been done! I love a clean environment and can actually start to feel moody or unmotivated when I’m surrounded by clutter. Cole is a great help when it comes to sharing the chores around the home, which is always nice! We do little things each day to keep on top of things and then usually spend one morning out of the weekend getting the bulk of the work done!

I have created a cleaning checklist that helps us stay on track when it comes to keeping a clean home. I have broken it down into daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and seasonally chores. By doing this, we don’t get overwhelmed with how much there is to do. And, while the odd night we just want to skip washing the dishes, we can without the place getting too out of hand!

Here is a look at what my cleaning checklist looks like:


When it comes to cleaning supplies, we definitely have our favourite products, so I thought I would share with you some of those too!

Scrub Daddy

When it comes to sponges, Scrub Daddy sponges* can’t be beat in my opinion! They offer tons of different products that work well to remove dirt and grime easily. They look cute too, which is of course a bonus to me; but they are also ergonomically designed so they’re comfortable to use too. Whether you’re looking for a sponge to wash your dishes with (Scrub Mommy and Scrub Daddy), a sponge to scour your burnt food away (Scour Daddy), or for a traditional sponge to clean up messes (Sponge Daddy) this line has it all! Plus, they don’t start to smell after the first couple uses like a lot of other sponges do, which is so amazing in my opinion!


When it comes to cleaning the floors, we like the convenience of Swiffer products! The Swiffer Sweeper is such an easy way to sweep our floors and their WetJet is just as easy when it comes to mopping. The duo does a great job picking up crumbs and pet hair while making our floors smell great at the same time. We also love the Swiffer Duster when it comes to dusting too. Plus, we can easily find these products on Amazon which makes things so easy when we need to get refills!


When it comes to spraying down surfaces, I really like the Lysol All Purpose Cleaner. It smells great and does a really good job of cleaning anything I need it too. I eventually want to look into finding an all-natural replacement; but for the time being this works really well and doesn’t break the bank!


Do you like keeping a clean home too? What are some of your favourite cleaning products?

This post contains product that was sent to me for consideration. This in no way influences my opinion.