Celebrations + Getting Back on Track

Celebrations + Getting Back on Track

I used to do weekly recaps on my old blog and eventually stopped doing them as time went on. It’s something I want to bring back though and hope you guys will enjoy them! I think they’re a great way to keep track of my life and a nice way to go into in the weekend. Here is what the last week looked like for me:

Last Friday

Last Friday morning was spent running errands and tidying the apartment. It was Cole’s friend’s birthday and we hosted his birthday party as we live in town and he doesn’t. We ordered Chinese food for dinner and ate with Cole’s sister Chloe before people arrived. It was just a small get together, but a good time. Later on the boys went downtown and Chloe and I just hung out at the apartment!


Saturday morning I went to my old house to pick up some packages that were sent there after I move. The lady who bought my parents’ house was really nice and set them aside for me. After that I stopped at Tim Horton’s and took a coffee out to my dad and had a nice visit with him. In the afternoon Cole had a hair appointment and we stopped at Freshii for lunch on the way home. I am so obsessed with this place! My current obsession is the Pangoa Bowl – I bought ingredients to try and replicate it at home! Saturday night was just a lazy one for us. We went for a bit of a drive and then just hung out at the apartment!


Sunday morning Cole and I went out to visit my parents for a couple hours. In the afternoon we tidied up a bit and I took some blog photos. In the evening we had Cole’s grandma over dinner. I had plans to make my jalapeno macaroni and cheese but my cheese had gone bad, so I had to improvise. I heated up some taco soup that I had in the freezer which worked out perfectly!


Monday morning we got up and went to Michael’s to browse and went grocery shopping. We relaxed in the afternoon and Cole went back to school late afternoon. I made jalapeno mac and cheese that night with fresh ingredients as well as some oat bars to take over to my mom the next day. In the evening I started reading a new book I got for Christmas and just relaxed!


Tuesday Cole was up early and out the door for school and I was back on my writing grind. It felt good to get back in our usual routines if I’m honest. The three week break was nice, but it felt like time to be more productive. I wrote all morning and into the afternoon. Mid afternoon I headed to the gym for a cardio day. I hadn’t been in quite a while, but it felt good to be back. When I was done I headed out to visit my family. I had a latte and the oat bars I made with my mom and Sam (my sister) and ended up having a visit with my dad when he got home too. I was pretty wiped when I got home so Cole and I just had dinner and relaxed.


Tuesday night I went to bed but ended up being wide awake from 1-6! At least I was productive and got some writing done? I also started watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (which I am now obsessed with). I was so tired though and ended up letting myself sleep in a bit. Wednesday was a really slow day. I just poked away at emails until it was time to pick Cole up from his placement. We ate dinner and then went out to run errands. When we got home Cole built our new coffee table from IKEA and I was in bed pretty early.


Yesterday I felt a bit more rested! I got up and took Cole to placement before diving into work. I had a pretty productive day and it was so nice to see the sun shining despite how cold it was. My first Glossier order arrived (I’m late to the party, I know) which was really exciting! I just ordered the clear Boy Brow and the Priming Moisturizer. I played some Spyro in the afternoon for a bit (so silly, but I used to play as a kid so Cole got it for me for Christmas and I have been hooked!) before picking up Cole.

We were planning on hitting the gym after his placement but it was absolutely packed. So, despite the -16 temperature, we bundled up and went for a walk outside. It was cold, but I’m proud of us for getting out there! We’ve both lost a couple pounds this week and have been eating a lot healthier. We spent the evening eating dinner and watching the Leafs game before bed!


How was your week? What did you get up to?