6 Things You Can Do on Sunday for a Productive Week Ahead

6 Things You Can Do on Sunday for a Productive Week Ahead

I don’t know about you guys, but I love Sundays. They feel like a fresh start and are the perfect time to prepare for the week ahead. I thought for today’s post I would share with you 6 things you can do today to help set your week off on the right foot. By taking a little time out of your weekend you can make the weekdays run as smoothly as possible; which is always ideal! Here are my top picks:

Plan Out Your Week

Planning out your week is key. This way you can see everything you want (and need) to get accomplished. This includes planning out when you work, when you want to workout, when you’re seeing family or friends, and/or making a to-do list. I did a plan with me blog post a little while ago where I talked through my planning process, but you can do whatever works for you!

Stock up Your Refrigerator

Getting groceries on Sunday and stocking up on the essentials means you won’t have to fit it in one night after work or be buying meals out all the time. Think about what you want to cook this week as well as what snacks you want to have on hand and stock up on them before the week starts.

Meal Prep

This can include making your meals for the week ahead in bulk so you can just grab and go when you’re hungry but for me this means planning out what I’m going to eat for each meal. I’m lucky in that I work from home so I have the extra time to spend cooking dinner each night. I plan out what we’re having for dinner each night of the week on Sunday but also figure out what we’ll have for breakfast, lunch, and snacks as well. For me, this speeds things up as I don’t waste time at night trying to figure out what I can even make with the ingredients I have!

Do Your Laundry

I love washing our bedding on Sundays. Something about it just sets the week off in the right direction for me. I also like to do a load of my clothes and Cole seems to like doing his laundry on Sundays as well. This way when you’re planning out your outfit each morning you know everything is fresh!

Tidy Up

Sundays aren’t necessarily a major cleaning day for us, but I do like to tackle some of the apartment in an effort to have everything feel fresh for Monday morning. Again, I work from home so I’ll usually poke away at cleaning tasks throughout the day if I need a break. But, on Sundays I like to make sure the floors have been swept (and mopped if necessary), the dishes are all done and put away, that all the loose ends have been put away, and that we have dusted. It just makes the apartment feel nicer and I feel ready to take on the week!

Recharge Your Batteries

Sunday is the day of rest and it’s important to set aside time to recharge your batteries too. This could be anything from sleeping in to having a bubble bath, reading a good book, or going for a walk. For me, I always like to reserve Sunday nights for pampering. I’ll have a hot shower or bubble bath, do a face mask, diffuse essential oils, and then potentially read or catch up on a TV show with Cole. This helps me unwind from the day and get ready for bed. I also wake up Monday morning feeling ready to tackle my to-do list!


What do you like to do on Sundays to prep for the week ahead?