Wine Tasting, Working + Trying New Recipes

Wine Tasting, Working + Trying New Recipes

This week has been a busy one to say the least! I love little weekend getaways but I always find the week after to be hectic which was the case this week. I had the best time away with my mom and Sam, though so the busy week was well worth it! Here is a look at what I got up to:

Last Friday

Cole was off last Friday, which was really nice! Since he was home I took lots of blog pictures since I didn’t have to worry about Nova. In the afternoon we took Nova for a little drive in the country and I did a bit more work. We went to the mall later on in the day so I could get some rain boots and then spent the evening at home.

Saturday + Sunday

Saturday morning I headed out to my parents’ house so we could head out on our weekend getaway. I did a whole blog post on our trip which you can read about here. When I got home Sunday evening Cole and I ordered a pizza and hung out with Nova.


Monday morning Cole and I got groceries and run a few errands before he went to school. I spent the afternoon playing with Nova while trying to get some work done. In the evening we took Nova for a long walk, had dinner, and relaxed!


Tuesday Nova was in a weird mood. She wouldn’t sleep and was getting into everything. Cole was gone all day so I got nothing done! For dinner I tried to recreate the dinner I had at Portabella. It wasn’t quite the same (needed more garlic) but it was still really good! It was an exhausting day to say the least and I was very excited come bedtime.


Nova was much better on Wednesday and I was able to get a lot of work done. In the afternoon we went for a nice walk and in the evening Cole and I took her for a little drive.


Yesterday Nova was pretty well behaved again. She napped on the couch while I got some work done on the couch and followed me around as I cleaned the apartment. In the evening one of Cole’s friends came over to watch the hockey game which was nice and I had a good talk on the phone with my mom too. All in all it was a good day!


What did you do this week?